PXI (and PXIe) controller and chassis repair, calibration

We repair PXI devices (and PXIe) of all brand/manufacturer.

PXIe controller   PXI chassis


We use IPC-A-610 directives in our work processes and we can handle separately RoHS and non-RoHS products.

We possess experience in repairing of PXI and PXIe-based devices. Whether we cannot mend it, we will not ask any money for it.


Why us?

  1. Our motto: Everything is for clients / The Clients’ requests are very important for us. During the repairing’s process, if the errors require to consult with client, we will contact with the client (immediately).
  2. The small size of our enterprise enables to keep low prices.
  3. You pay in EUR or HUF.
  4. The repairing price depends on primarily exchanged parts but the kind of error can change the price. Our aim is that client is satisfied so for example we will not ask 500 EUR for exchanging fuse.
  5. Discount for regular and reliable clients.
  6. We are flexible thanks to structure of our enterprise. We don’t have to waste much time because there aren’t any limits. If it is urgent, we can devote time to repair at the weekend too.
  7. We have more than 15 years’ repairing experience at multinational companies (who manufactures them) in PXI controllers and other PCI/PXI based products (for example: digitizers/oscilloscopes, industrial PCs, signal analyzing and conditioning, etc.).
  8. We are connected with big suppliers so that we are able to send back your devices sooner with their help. Besides this, they provide the devices’ parts with the best quality.
  9. We can support your older product too (over guarantee)!
  10. 90 days guarantee for every repaired product!


PXI controllers and chassis


When you send the repairing, we suggest that you should choose the delivery company that you trust in. (expenses, trustful relationships and so on…) Please, be careful with traceability! We are responsible for returning.
In addition to customer's satisfication, the business fairness is very important for us so please, you send your product(s) in traceable way. Because of the handling compliant, it is very relevant because we cannot be responsible for disappeared product during delivery.

Further options of the website and Facebook site are currently only Hungarian according to local needs.

Of course, we repair many other types of computer hardware, so you interested in this, please get contact with us! It's not complicate. ;-)

If you interested about this repair service, please contact us (even russian or ukrainian too) the following email address:info@tiloselektronika.hu

Telephone: +36 20 365 1144



Pictures from our workshop

TilosE workshopTilosE workshop 3

TilosE workshop 2


And some examples from our work (and above):

PXi controller motherboard PXIe backplane

Compact system